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KLA-STURGEON food choices, high nutrition


(Solution selection of safe food, nutrition high)



Sturgeon is the only species of fish live in fresh cool water at temperatures of (20-23) ° C, is one of earth's most ancient species alive today.

Kala sturgeon are reared in lake sturgeon Kala, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province. Kala 325ha lake wide plateau located on the tourist Di Linh in Lam Dong province.

With a healthy natural environment in the cool suitable living conditions of your fishes, sturgeon Kla marketed delicious meat quality, reasonable prices for consumers. Our goal: put all eight Kala, a senior food but not only in high-end restaurant, to the hands of housewives.


Kla _ sturgeon products LAM DONG BRANCH Seaprodex are committed to ensuring the origin, quality and food safety and hygiene criteria: "FOOD SAFETY FOOD FROM FARM TO TABLE". Each fish is wearing a logo tag sequence Seaprodex and traceability. Delivery staff wear uniforms Seaprodex logo. 

Food safety is a concern of the whole society, the anxiety of consumers, especially as organizations catering for many people. We hope the information on our products to your hands will help you in deciding the choice of safe food, nutrition high, reasonable price.


1. Characteristics

-The meat delicious only sturgeon when time raised from a 12 months or more.

-Skin, heart and balls are slightly used.

-Thick fillet the meat and repenting. The bone is soft as cartilage

2. How to do it

- Lubricant cleansing method is similar to the other freshwater fish species in folklore (using lemon, vinegar, alum, stove ashes, flour ...)

- Remove gills, fins, Suite.  Chunk, thickness as you like in each dish.

3. Processing

- Cooking pot (or canh chua măng) or claypots perform like other fish types

- Grilled dishes: this is the signature dishes of the sturgeon fish. Fillet, boning deep is about 0, 5 mm distance each extent 03, salted chili or taste, grilled on charcoal stoves are the best because there are oxidized and characteristic smell. Can bake foil in the oven.

- Bake impressive (sturgeon rotation = "suckling pig rotation"): For whole fish, close up, marinated in spices, grilled on a charcoal stove.

- Sturgeon soup is delicious. 15-30 minutes Marinate meat with a little fish sauce, seasoning powder, sugar, pepper before cooking.




Kla Sturgeon

Extremely tasty hotpot

Braised fully aware of

My Boy begs breast

Her children not to

Two boys pulling

 Mom says not to worry

Mom buy again

 Daddy also likes again

When she had promised

Surely she boughts



Unit :        Seaprodex Lâm Đồng

Office:  No. 04 Dong Khoi Street, District 1, HCMC.


-    Director :                  38 224 806

-    Sales Office:    0908 088 857 (Phạm Lương Hoàng)



Form of purchase:

Order by phone or at the Kala lake, Di Linh.


Form of delivery in the Ho Chi Minh city: Delivery.