Friday,November 22 2019
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Vietnam Seaproducts., JSC (SEAPRODEX) is the leading corporation in aquiculture. Founded in 1978 at former name Seafood Import and Export Company and run nearly 40-year operation and development, SEAPRODEX has focused on its own developing brand and reputation on national and international partner’s evaluation, targeted to become the top of Vietnamese Corporations in aquiculture.


SEAPRODEX is not only the symbol of domestic seafood products quality, but also the international prestigious brand; which has certified and protected by World Intellectual Property Organization OMPI – Geneve (Switzerland), The EUROPE, The United State of America, The ASIA,…


The important milestones on SEAPRODEX’s operating and developing process

§    1978: Founded at former name Seafood Import and Export Company by Decision No. 155/CP dated June 26, 1978 of Prime Minister.

§          1995: Developed the head of Seafood Corporation by Decision No. 90/TTg dated March 07, 1994 of Prime Minister.

§           2003: Operated under Parent Corporation – Subsidiaries model by Decsion No. 243/2003/QĐ-TTg dated November 17, 2003 of Prime Minister.

§            2010: Renamed to Vietnam National Seaproducts., Ltd.

§    March 14, 2011: Re-established Vietnam National Seaproducts., Ltd which was merged by 03 corporations: Vietnam National Seaproducts., Ltd; East Seaproducts., Ltd and Ha Long Seafood., Ltd by Decsion No.456/QĐ-BNN-ĐMDN dated March 14, 2011 of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

§        April 17, 2015: Reformed to Vietnam Seaproduct., JSC by Decision No.1880/QĐ-TTg dated October 17, 2014 of Prime Minister.


    SEAPRODEX GROUP’s systems

SEAPRODEX has striven and developed the system of subsidiaries effectively for the domestic and international market. Furthermore, SEAPRODEX has restructured the investing fund on the associated companies to build co-operating and strategic relationships with all partners following to “Unifying power and sharing success” target.


SEAPRODEX GROUP, at the share capital of 1.250 billion VND, includes 02 branches, 01 representative office, 03 subsidiaries, 09 associated companies and long-term investment companies.