Friday,November 22 2019
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Development Strategy

Establishing the role of a powerful Corporation in the fisheries sector with reasonable industry structure, qualified advanced science and technology in mining seafood processing, aquaculture and shipbuilding engineering, force logistics powerful fishing on a national scale, fully capable of performing the important task of developing targeted industry in sustainable seafood.


Pay attention to local seafood markets and improve competitiveness in the international seafood market by ensuring product quality, brand development brand Seaprodex become the gold of the fishery.


Currently Seaprodex annual revenue of 10,000 billion or $ 500 million, of which exports reached $ 200 million, a profit of over 300 billion.


Seaprodex 5 year period from 2011 to 2015 focusing sustain growth corresponds to growth of the industry in the first year and and have a breakthrough in 2014-2015.


Currently there Seaprodex subsidiaries and the Company members perform processing aquatic products of modern technology, the production of highly processed, meets the quality standards: HACCP, GMP, SSOP, BRC, HALAL, ISO.


In the field of shipbuilding engineering logistics serving fisheries, Seaprodex qualified and capable of building and repairing fishing boats and offshore fishing, cold storage transportation ...


Investment research modern shipbuilding technology FRP shell, aluminum shell, chain manufacturing mechanical equipment, refrigeration equipment and perfect fishing vessel ship hull technology.


Investment research in terms of manufacturing technology and application of advanced science and mechanical engineering, refrigeration ... to develop the product further mechanical processing equipment, production lines for synchronous cold storage, fishing vessels, seafood processing plants, livestock equipment and other mechanical products targeted to serve fisheries industrialization of farming, preservation, exploitation and processing of seafood.


Seaprodex continues to improve, maximize infrastructure to serve the existing fishing logistics. Earlier upgraded fishing ports, logistics parks under planning fisheries sector, while expanding and diversifying products and services, improve service quality and ensure good environmental sanitation in the fishing port - landing fish - fish market.


Seaprodex collaboration, associated with the fisheries research institutes, economic organizations and enterprises to research production, aquaculture has high economic value, new pet, animal recognition technology transfer from water outside. Investment cooperation in building farm breeding aquatic GAP standards. Services provided feed, medicines and other aquatic biological products according to the technical standards of food safety and GMP.


In addition to production duties - business, political task is important Seaprodex Logistics (DVHC) fisheries and ensure national security in the Spratly Islands - DK1. From 2006 to 2011 Seaprodex has done more than 2,000 days of sea clinging DVHC fleet. By 2008 brought DVHC fishing area in the West Island Ice service activities for fishermen. In 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 are provided for fishermen than 2.000m3 freshwater, over 50 tons of food, more than 500 thousand liters of oil, the average annual service turns 350 fishing vessels in West Rock Island, ensure peace of mind for fishermen exploiting long day at sea. Currently Seaprodex continues to expand fisheries zones DVHC West Rock Island Phase 2.


2015 Seaprodex complete restructuring businesses become stronger Corporation seafood, have reasonable career structure within the structure of a key economic sector of the fishery, qualified advanced science and technology modern, modernized production lines, manufacturing processes in marine mining, processing, aquaculture and fisheries and shipbuilding engineering, force logistics powerful fishing on the range country, fully capable of performing the important task of developing targeted industry in sustainable seafood. Stabilization of the domestic seafood prices and competition in the world seafood market, maintain and develop brand Seaprodex, join in the defense and security in the East Sea.


Over the history and development over 30 years, Seaprodex later merged with potential new organizational structure was restructured reasonable, in accordance with the actual conditions, effective operations; maintain speed stable growth and depth, ensuring high competitiveness in the international arena and stable growth in the domestic market.


The export of products Seaprodex always meet the strict requirements on food hygiene and safety according to strict regulations when exporting to international markets such as the U.S., Japan, EU ... more diversification but still ensure a highly competitive compared to the native products of the market.


Seaprodex has been on the road to hold gold brand reputation and quality of Vietnam's fisheries sector. To achieve this, all staff - employees of Seaprodex mindset will not stop learning, enhance professional skills, work skills, dedication and intellectual talents to contribute to the development Seaprodex sustainable stability on the basis of cultural values, business philosophy Seaprodex "Unified power, shared success."